Marvel Studios’ Eternals: Boring and Unnecessary

After watching Marvel Studios’ Eternals, I’ve come to realize the Marvel formula is old or I’ve seen these characters before and this film was a waste of time.

When the Eternals was announced, I didn’t care about the cast or the movie. I couldn’t put my finger on why I didn’t care, but of all the Marvel movies, the hype wasn’t there.

When the film was first hyped, it was pushing how diverse its cast is. I’m all for diversity, but when that is your selling point for the majority of the marketing along with “look at these top actors we grabbed,” I immediately think the film has no substance. All of the trailers for the film didn’t grab my attention and left me feeling meh. For the longest time, I had no idea what the Eternals was going to be about and later discovered it was about them fighting deviants from attacking humans.

Someone told me the film isn’t as bad as the critics were saying, so I gave it a shot. It was a waste of my time as expected. I went into the film with zero standards and hoped for the best. I was left feeling like I watched nothing new, nothing memorable, and it was an unnecessary story to tell.

The characters weren’t memorable because I’ve seen them before. I’ve seen Superman and an alternate version of him as Homelander in The Boys. We’ve all seen the Flash, Dr. Strange/Wanda, Professor X, Iron Man, etc. The Eternals have the same abilities as the characters we’ve seen before, but blander. 

The Eternals is constantly trying to connect itself with past Marvel films with shoutouts and easter eggs. Adding these elements doesn’t automatically make people feel nostalgic. It’s OK to not constantly remind the viewer it’s in the same universe as the other films. 

Marvel loves incorporating their version of humor into a film that consistently falls flat. It’s not required to have a character, who has no contribution to the plot, as comic relief. As soon as this character hit the screen, I rolled my eyes. This character was a waste of screentime. Nothing different would have happened if they weren’t there. 

The fights had no weight. When superheroes are fighting, there’s usually some tension or you can feel the weight/importance of the battle. The Eternals are supposed to be powerful beings, but their fight scenes were more generic and passive than other fights in Marvel.


Ajak, played by Selma Hyak, was unnecessary. Ajak was the leader and the only Eternal who could communicate with Arishem, the Prime Celestial. She knew Arishem wanted to destroy the Earth so a new Celestial could be born. Without going into too much detail, she shared this information and a change of heart with Ikaris. Ikaris wants to stick to the plan and kills Ajak. If you watched the film, you know Sersi gains the ability to communicate with Arishem and reveal its plan to the team. To eliminate Ajak from the film, Sersi could have had this ability all along and had a change of heart because she fell in love with a human. Her conflict could have still been with Ikaris. 

The characters didn’t go through an arc. They found out the plan and wanted to stop it. That’s it. Their “unique” idea to stop the Celestial is to link themselves together so Sersi can turn the Celestial, emerging from the Earth, into a rock. That’s what happens. The action ends with a Celestial rock in the middle of the ocean. I’m not going into deep details here, but that’s what happens. 

I won’t get started on Ikaris giving up and flying into the sun. Felt like a “what can we do with this character” moment.

The Eternals decided to split up. Some stayed on Earth while the others left the planet on a spacecraft to search for other Eternals. Due to their betrayal, Arishem grabs the remaining Eternals on Earth and tells them they’re on trial for betraying him. Arishem vanishes with them through a black hole in space. Fast-forward to the post-credits, the Eternals who left on the spacecraft are fine. Do you mean to tell me Arishem, the Prime Celestial, can scoop up the Eternals on Earth, but couldn’t grab the ones on the spacecraft? They betrayed Arishem too, but they get a pass so they can set up the sequel? OK.

Overall, it’s a film you don’t have to see. You may read reviews talking about diversity, the gay relationship, and religious beliefs in other reviews. I didn’t care about any of that because it wasn’t explicitly in your face and I don’t watch films or TV shows actively looking for political statements. 

Marvel’s formula is very apparent and old. I’d rather watch bland Captain Marvel instead of this film again.

If you saw Marvel Studios’ Eternals, what did you think?

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